Case Study




I have finally finished my two projects and decided to talk about my hyper realistic piece and my collage piece. First my hyper realistic drawing is what everyone can recognize as a normal truck but instead I put it on train tracks. Originally I wanted to take and above a train yard picture but that would have been very hard and complicated to pull off. I then decided maybe it would be easier to just make it look like the truck was on a route and passing through a station. I went to a nearby train station in order to get inspiration and I found just the angle I was looking for. By finding this angle it helped me tremendously on the next steps in the process which were actually executing. For my collage it was actually quite the opposite I got my concept of a cd made out of a collage of other cds and knew exactly how I wanted to do it. I started by grabbing all my cds and being the avid music fan I am this wasn’t much of a challenge. But like any other project I ran into my fair share of bumps along the road.


This step was the most crucial part of each project, being an engineer major I am not used to different types of art. In order to familiarize myself I spent a lot of time on the internet looking up examples that would help me in actually doing the projects.
For my hyper realism I was influenced greatly by technology and Sci-Fi movies. I thought it would be cool to make my spin off of reality in the form of something subtle but something you would see in the future or even movies. I liked that concept but I also thought it would look better as a more realistic looking thing so people would have to step back to see it.
For my Collage I had absolutely no ideas at first but then I found many pictures online of people turning their collages into shapes. This made me thing that maybe I could do a project on music and the first thing that came to mind were cd cases. I realized that it would be boring but I did find a few pictures of blank cds but I thought it would be better if I used the graphic side for the collage.


I used very similar strategies for both but for my hyper I found that my best friends were the transform functions. Mainly I used the perspective in order to get the Truck and cars to point in the same direction. Then I used the distort and skew features in order to make the train look like it was on the tracks and lined up properly. The other feature I used a lot was the patch tool because I needed to move the tracks around quite a bit. I copied the tracks over to their new location but I needed to fill the area the tracks were in with the pebbles from the surrounding areas.
During the process of making the collage I found that I used the magic wand a lot. I used it in order to crop out all the cd pictures I took in order to get them all free in order to create the “CD soup” I made. Also I found myself burning and dodging a few cds in order to get them to be more colorful or less noticeable. The most important thing I used was creating paths in order to make the cds come out to the right shape.

The hyper realistic drawing I did caused me the most trouble, between placement and making it look like it belonged there I went through a lot of challenges. This project fought me the entire way and once I thought I was done I made a huge change. I thought I should put it on one of the far tracks but after weeks of working on it we decided it would look best if it was bigger and on a closer track. Once that was done then I realized there were too many tracks so I cropped a few of them out. Once that was done I felt more satisfied with the piece.
The collage was very easy and went flawless until I hit the end and then I hit a huge problem. I spent a long time on creating this cd and then I realized the space I originally planned on putting it into didn’t flow with the cd I created. I went back to the drawing boards and couldn’t seem to come up with a nice space that I could put the cd on but then I realized it would be best in a basic tabletop looking collage. Once I got that idea I took pictures I had taken and created a simple collage to put the cd on.


In the end I was very satisfied with the work but being that I am a perfectionist I know thousands of things I can do to make it look better. Due to the shortage of time and at one point the shortage of my skill there was only so much I can do. Being an engineer major I have realized that this is something that can be done in spare time and even be made into a full fledged career if I would like to. I thought I had no artistic talent but realized that it’s a trade that takes practice. The two pieces that I have talked about are hypothetically the final form for this class but in order to please myself I will most definitely make a few changes in order for me to finally be completely satisfied with how they have come out. For example I am pleased that I finally have the hyper done but I feel like I can do more in order to add subtle hints of more futuristic things. As for the collage there isn’t much I would do but I would definitely add more cds to it in order to add an extra level of complexity. Thank you I have enjoyed myself tons and plan to practice more to sharpen my skills.


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